A laser hair removal journey

A lovely success story

I have such a lovely success story from my clinic day yesterday, that I felt I have to share.

One of my precious patients came to me with fairly severe excessive hair growth. A beautiful woman with everything going for her. She loved masks, she felt she could hide. I know many of us relate.

She also had severe acne

So very well hidden with hours of meticulous make-up. This meant treating her hair growth was a challenge as the acne was tender. Early on I suggested she see a dermatologist and get the acne treated. She cried at the thought of abandoning her laser appointments for months because of the medication, and so we persisted. We agreed to get the growth under control and she would take the meds once we had arrived at an acceptable point. 

Looking back

I am so excited for her because she has one more treatment before she starts a course of medication. She said that she could not believe that she used to have to shave twice a day, and she finds it unfathomable that she lived with so much hair before she came to see me. 

The most wonderful thing for me is to witness the change in people. I see my beautiful patients come in stooped, hiding, under hoodies, masks, behind brave smiles. Self-esteem at an all-time low. A few months later, with a little patience and persistence, I watch them transform into ladies who hold their heads up high, who laugh more easily, whose smiles are more ready. Who’s lives are transformed.

The reason I became a Trichologist

This is the reason that I studied for years to become a clinical Trichologist, I want to know exactly how to help. I felt there must be a lifeline for these beautiful ladies, there has to be a blend of advanced therapy and medicine that will address this problem that is so enormous in a person’s life. Too often are my patients ignored by their all to busy doctors, told to live with it. Excess hair growth is not, after all life-threatening. It can however be incredibly debilitating to your mental health.

No, I say. You do not have to live with excess hair growth, there is help.

Reach out to me if you would like to, I’d love to help you start your very own journey to better self-esteem.

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