Spa Visit Helps Relaxation

Spa Visit Helps Relaxation

Stress is something that you live with. The daily struggle is real and affects us all. We must lean to breath and pace ourselves in this busy world. Instant gratification seems to be what is expected of us, but you must learn to relax. Take a pause and breathe, you will benefit more than you can imagine.

Our society today forces us to be constantly plugged-in. We’re always on our phones or email. Todays society is obsessed with social media.  This form of constant information and stimulus can be detrimental to your mental health. It is proven to be especially harmful for our anxiety and stress levels. Over-stimulation causes anxiety. Constant negativity can affect your health. Emotions are stimulated when we scroll our Instagram page or Social media page. It is important to switch off. We need to learn to unplug.

Treat yourself to a moment of me time. If you can pause just for a few minutes in a busy day your Cortisol levels will fall. You will be able to face the rest of your day with renewed vigour.

The CaCI non-surgical facelift is surprisingly relaxing. There’s nothing like stress for lining the skin, and there’s nothing like relaxation for smoothing it! This indulgent premium CACI facial is infused with generous anti-inflammatory ingredients.  it will soothe, calm and nourish a tired, irritated or unhappy complexion. A divine treatment that includes lymph treatment drainage and a tranquil face massage. A relaxing eye a neck and shoulders massage as well as a scalp massage.

Visit our Spa in Truro and make the most of our beautiful location.

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