Can Laser Hair Removal help with PCOS?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS is a combination of many conditions. These include heavy periods, difficulty conceiving, ovarian polyps, and acne. The higher male hormone levels associated with PCOS can also cause female patterned hair loss. Another symptom is excessive unwanted hair growth in areas you would rather not have hair.

Hirsutism or excessive, unwanted hair growth

Hirsutism simply put, is excessive, unwanted hair growth on a female that follows the usual male sexual pattern.

PCOS can cause unwanted hair to grow in any area that is typically male patterned hair growth. These areas could be the face and neck, the chest, the stomach, arms and back, as well as the upper thighs. Patients with a combination or all these areas typically see good results with laser hair removal.

Many PCOS sufferers come to see me for help with excess hair growth. Because of the excellent results obtained with the triad clustered diode laser, we are able to offer hope of long term hair reduction.

The Insulin Resistance Link

A high level of insulin isn’t merely a symptom of PCOS but may be a precursor to the condition itself.

PCOS is connected to insulin resistance, and progression to diabetes is more likely with the syndrome. There is considerable research into this. Some experts report that observing a very low carb diet can successfully control, and even reverse PCOS symptoms. This certainly may be an area that you could explore, and the research does offer some hope.

Laser can help with PCOS symptoms

Most PCOS sufferers will achieve excellent hair reduction with laser hair removal, and 95% to 98% hair reduction is possible. 

The number of treatments needed to achieve these results is generally higher than in non-PCOS patients. A few people may need more than the usual annual to bi-annual maintenance treatment. This could mean regular quarterly, or in rare cases monthly maintenance visits.

All of these scenarios offer a welcome solution to the PCOS patient. The number of treatments needed, and frequency of maintenance visits depends on each person’s unique profile. This can largely be established at the time of consultation.

Your laser hair removal journey

Your laser hair removal journey will start with a consultation. In this 45-minute appointment we chat about how the process works. After a medical assessment, we will do a test patch. You will come away from the appointment with a good understanding of what the treatments will feel like. You will have some idea of how and why the treatments work, and you will know what the expected outcome is likely to be.

I will be able to estimate how many sessions you could expect to need before you see a result. Because each person is a unique individual, this is always just an informed estimate. We monitor your progress, and you and I work as a team to achieve optimum success.

The most wonderful thing for me, is to see a person’s confidence grow as the treatments progress. I love to see the smile on a patients face, and a bounce to their step that was missing at the start of their journey!

If you’ve been wondering if laser might be an option for you, taking the first step could just lead to a brighter, more confident tomorrow.

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