COVID-19 secure

Renewed Laser is COVID-19 secure

We’re excited to be open again, are COVID-19 SECURE and want to share with you some safeguarding measures we’ve introduced for your safety and wellbeing.

You are in safe hands at Renewed Laser.

Safety is a question at the forefront of our minds, and I wanted to let you know what I am doing to ensure you are safe when you visit the Truro treatment room.

Renewed Laser complies with the published guidelines and we have signage displayed to say so. Besides the mandatory Risk Assessment, infection control and cleaning, I go above and beyond the requirements to ensure you can relax and enjoy your treatment.

I have a unique understanding of what is required to keep an environment safe against a pathogenic virus, and this hard-won experience is put to excellent use. Although not comfortable at the time, I remain grateful for the lessons Ebola taught me in West Africa.

The first sign of infectious Coronavirus is a fever. On arrival, you are greeted by me at the stairs and before we enter the rooms, with your permission, I will take both your and my temperature.

I dispense hand sanitizer for us both, or you can wash your hands with soap and hot water if this is your preference. We then enter the room and begin the consultation.

Although no one who is unwell has been in my room, I use full PPE and you will be asked to wear a mask. I sterilise thoroughly between each client. All equipment is wiped down with alcohol and sterilised under UV light. The floors are washed and surfaces wiped with antibacterial surface spray. No waiting room and no additional people to come into contact with further ensures your safety.

I have accurate details for all of my clients which I am required to keep for 7 years, and so we fully comply with track and trace requirements.

I hope to make your visit a whole lot safer than most other tasks you have to negotiate during the day, and I hope to help you relax and enjoy your treatment.

You’re in safe hands

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