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  • Nourishing Body Balm

    Nourishing Body Balm 200ml


    This silk-texture BODY BALM brings hydration and comfort to the skin forming a protective lipid film. The concentration in-oil complex provides nourishing and soothing actions.

    • Active Ingredients: Gentle nourishing agents / Complex of nourishing oils
    • Application: Apply generously to all areas of the body with massaging pressure. Can be used morning and night.
  • E-Youth 50 Sun Cream

    E-Youth 50 Sun Cream 50ml


    This UVA/UVB SPF 50+ sun protection contains vitamin E a powerful antioxidant and vitamin B3 that boosts skin regeneration. A water-binder agent creates a deep hydration reserve.

    • Active Ingredients: UVA/UVB filters / Vitamin E + Vitamin B3 / Sc-Complex
    • Application: Using clean hands, apply generously to face, neck & decolletage, even hands or exposed skin every morning. Remove before bed, using MICELLAR WATER or CLEANSING OIL.
  • B3-Recovery Cream

    B3-Recovery Cream 50ml


    Soothing aftercare for aesthetic procedures, containing hydrating properties to protect sensitive and reactive skin from aggressions. Vitamin B3 boosts collagen synthesis and strengthens the skin barrier.

    • Active Ingredients: Vitamin B3 1% + H-Urea 2% / [Rhamno- complex + Plant complex + Mirabilis Jalapa extract]
    • Application: Use in place of a moisturiser with clean hands, for intense soothing, pro healing benefits. Apply post-in-clinic treatment or if the skin is broken, split, inflamed or burned. Can also be used on the body.
  • 6HP-Youth Cream

    6HP-Youth Cream 50ml


    Suitable for combination skin, combining global anti-ageing and moisturising properties. Vitamin B6 generates a long-lasting mattifying effect and hydroxyproline stimulates collagen synthesis.

    • Active Ingredients: Hydroxyproline / Zinc PCA + Vitamin B6 0.1% / Lentiscus 95 (antioxidant agent)
    • Application: Apply a few pumps to clean fingers, work the moisturiser around the face and neck. Use morning and night if required.
  • 5HP-Youth Cream

    5HP-Youth Cream 50ml


    Suitable for normal to dry skin, combining global anti-ageing and moisturising properties. Vitamin B5 improves water balance and hydroxyproline stimulates collagen synthesis.

    • Active Ingredients: Hydroxyproline / Pro-vitamin B5 1% / Oleo complex (argan oil + mango butter)
    • Application: Apply a few pumps to clean fingers, work the moisturiser around the face and neck. Use morning and night if required.
  • HXR Eye Cream

    HXR Eye Cream 15ml


    Global anti-ageing eye contour with key ingredients addressing all signs of ageing. Hexylresorcinol diminishes the appearance of dark circles, Escin reduces puffiness & Arg-lys peptide smoothes the appearance of wrinkles.

    • Active Ingredients: Hexylresorcinol 0.1% /Hyaluronic acid / Arg-lys peptide / Escin 0.5%
    • Application: Apply a small about to ring finger, dab ring fingers together for even distribution. Using a gentle tapping motion, apply around the contour of the eye, ensuring not to go too close to the eye itself. Move around the eye and into the eyebrow. Gently massage around the area until the cream disappears, ensuring not to drag the skin. Use morning and night for best results.
  • Bright Booster

    Bright Booster 3 x 10ml


    BRIGHT-BOOSTER** contains 10% Glycolic acid and 2,5% Phytic acid known for their exfoliating properties and their action on reducing brown spots while also preventing the appearance of new pigmentation spots.

    • Active Ingredients: Glycolic acid 10% / Phytic acid 2.5% / Hexlresorcinol 1% (Melanin-block agent)
  • Lift Booster

    Lift Booster 3 x 10ml


    LIFT-BOOSTER contains 6.5% peptide complex and has been clinically proven to firm the skin. These ingredients boost collagen and elastin synthesis, both indispensable to maintain firm and plump skin.

    • Active Ingredients: Peptide complex 6.5% (Elastin + Collagen) / Resveratrol 1% (antioxidant agent)
  • Time Booster

    Time Booster 3 x 10ml


    TIME-BOOSTER* contains 0.3% retinol and has been clinically proven to diminish wrinkles. Retinol activity is balanced with soothing and hydrating agents such as Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to bring comfort to the skin.

    • Active Ingredients: Retinol 0.3% / Hyaluronic acid 0.5% / Aloe vera gel 5% (soothing agent)
  • Balance-Booster

    Balance Booster 3 x 10ml


    BALANCE-BOOSTER** contains 2,4% Lactic acid and 2% Salicylic acid known for avoiding and diminishing spots and blemishes while zinc gluconate helps purify the skin achieve a mattifying effect.

    • Active Ingredients: Salicylic acid 2% / Lactic acid 2.4% / Zinc gluconate 3.5% (sebo-blocking agent)
  • Hydra-Booster

    Hydra Booster 3 x 10ml


    HYDRA-BOOSTER contains 2.5% hyaluronic acid, known for its capacity to act as a watercatcher used to immediately enhance skin moisture.

    • Active Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid 2.5% / Ceramide NP 0.5% (moisture lock agent)
  • Re-Time Serum

    Re-Time Serum 30ml


    Enriched with Vitamin A, a leading antiwrinkle ingredient, RE-TIME SERUM acts on all types of wrinkles and visibly reduces their appearance. With Wakame 14G to revitalise the skin for a visibly looking rejuvenated face.

    • Active Ingredients: Vitamin A 0.1% / Wakame 14G / Hyaluronic Acid 0.5% / Arg-lys peptide
    • Application for Serums: Apply only to the areas of concern. There is no need to apply the Serum everywhere. Use only what you need for best results.