A lady having laser hair removal

What is Triad Clustered Diode Laser Hair Removal?

The Triad Clustered Diode Laser incorporates the latest advanced technology. Utilizing 3 laser frequencies and the pulsating light method to deliver virtually painless results. Experience the remarkable Super Hair Removal (SHR) technique, combining ice cooling for enhanced comfort and delivering exceptional, permanent hair removal.

How does Laser differ from IPL?

Compared with traditional lasers or IPL, Triad Clustered Diode Laser stands out. Conventional methods rely on short bursts of high-energy impulses. These heated tissue to risky temperatures of 65-72°C, particularly problematic for darker skin tones. Research reveals that a slower, longer heating process is more effective and safer for lasting hair removal.

With Triad Clustered Diode Laser, we pass the device over the skin multiple times, utilizing low energy and a high repetition rate of up to 15 flashes per second. This gradual approach heats the hair pigment over an extended period, ensuring optimal results while prioritizing your safety.

Our treatment offers a range of wavelengths to suit your specific skin and hair type, expertly blended within safe parameters.

The triple wavelengths used include:

  • 755nm, known as “Alex,” ideal for fair and fine hair, although it has limited efficacy for darker, coarser hair.
  • 808nm near-infrared laser, a classic wavelength for laser hair removal, providing intermediate penetration and suitability for dark hair and fair skin.
  • 1064nm, which penetrates the deepest, specifically targeting the growing matrix of the hair bulb and considered the safest for darker skin types. The combination of these three wavelengths ensures comprehensive treatment for all hair types.

As your sessions progress, your hair becomes finer and lighter. Using just one wavelength throughout your treatment will not yield optimal results. Our ability to expertly adjust these wavelengths according to your skin and hair type allows for the quickest and most conclusive outcomes.

So, say goodbye to razors—it’s time to embrace a more advanced solution!

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